To thrive là gì, nghĩa của từ : thrive


Nâng cao vốn trường đoản cú vựng của bạn với English Vocabulary in Use từ bỏọc các tự bạn phải giao tiếp một phương pháp lạc quan.

Bạn đang xem: To thrive là gì, nghĩa của từ : thrive

This information is encoded in the language itself so that each generation can benefit và thrive in challenging environments.
The intensity và immediacy of their expressive sầu intention provide empowering qualities that thrive on musical interaction.
Since agents with short-term perspective create their own evolutionary space where they are able lớn thrive, the impact of long-term traders remains limited.
It will be important to know whether any of the viruses living under extreme conditions, where humans would not thrive, can nevertheless be pathological.
On the one hvà, it furnishes a recognisably prestigious aremãng cầu for just the kind of conspicuous consumption " for the moment " that especuladores thrive on.
Volunteers thrived on feeling " at trang chính " in a training environment reminiscent of their past working lives.
The great cities thrive on uncertainty và informality, although they may appear quite formal in their plans.
Some systems collapsed, leaving only low-mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa occupations, while others in different settings using other strategies were able lớn continue or even thrive.
They underpinned devotion to relics and images, fostered the widespread use (& misuse) of sacramentals, & buttressed the thriving tradition of pilgrimage to lớn prominent shrines.
Historically, these children often presented in the failure to thrive category but now with speciadanh mục centres this is hopefully a thing of the past.
Apart from an intermittent cough and recent onphối of breathlessness, he had been otherwise well và thriving from birth.

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