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Đang xem: Thoroughly là gì, nghĩa của từ thoroughly

Females also show cyclicity in song-related behaviors, although this has been less thoroughly studied.
Even a teacher who can at least teach is thoroughly disapproved of in the absence of personal relationships.
The organization of workshops will be discussed in a later chapter, and the area of techniques can be described more thoroughly there.
We cannot thoroughly understand the product without respecting and trying to understand the thinking.
Essential in tackling the brief then was to understand thoroughly this desire and need for adaptability and flexibility.
Interviewers and observers were thoroughly trained prior to collecting data, and ongoing recalibration meetings were held to promote measurement fidelity and reliability.
However, researchers have not thoroughly explored these causal connections across development or the possibility of changing them through theory-based intervention techniques.
A subset of clones was verified more thoroughly by measuring under r40 magnification the sizes of the haploid colonies obtained after tetrad dissection.
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to laugh repeatedly in a quiet but uncontrolled way, often at something silly or rude or when you are nervous

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