a plant that grows in water, whose green leaves taste hot and are used as food, often eaten uncooked in salads

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In the second experiment (table 1), the outcome of floating metacercariae when they remained on watercress for 21 days was studied.
The percentages recorded on watercress were very low: 3.5% and 4.3% in furrows, 0.8% and 1.3% in ditches.
The highest percentages were recorded on different submerged parts of the watercress, whatever the nature of the site and digenean species.
In this two-person, finite horizon dynamic game, fishermen and watercress producers have conflicting interests over water levels – with the former preferring high levels, and the latter lower levels of water.
Low percentages of metacercariae on watercress were noted in furrows (3.5 – 4.3% of larvae) and ditches (0.8 -1.3%).
He gave us a tour de force in which he shared the delights of watercress beds and church halls in his constituency.
There are certain crops—rhubarb, mushrooms and watercress are mentioned in the scheme—where one multiplies to get the acreage.
He may not know of all the ramifications of watercress beds, and that the watercress industry affords opportunity of very profitable investment.
Any doctor who is treating diabetes will tell you that you must have so-and-so—tomatoes, lettuce, watercress and half-a-dozen other things.
Everything that is produced on a farm, except watercress, has a guaranteed market and a guaranteed price.
There were sugar, butter, margarine, casein, watercress and an extra pint of fresh pasteurised milk every day.
Agriculturists such as watercress farmers draw water from a well because it is, of course, essential that such water should be very pure.

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First, we have found it possible to increase the weighting, in calculating the eligible acreage, of land under lights and cloches and of watercress beds.
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a dark spot on the surface of the sun that appears for a few days or weeks and then disappears

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