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He focuses on one song khung, soleares and unpacks a convincing analysis of the dynamic interplay between the guitar & vocal parts.
By isolating and unpacking such mechanisms, analytic narratives thus contribute to lớn structural accounts.
Most of this section consists of unpacking equation (48) inkhổng lồ specific cases & analysing the effects.
The meaning of these principles needs unpacking in order that their implications can be clarified for the nature and form of political community today.
In contrast, unpacking the wage hierarchy does clarify the effects of female labour-force participation và private sector services.
The sequence begins by unpacking the value into register r2, introducing a unique, local name for the abstract type.
How can they be unpacked & rearticulated in more dynamic ways which shed light on some of the key social processes in the present era?
In most cases, a coercion is done because the value of an object will be needed (in the case of unpacking), or was used (in the case of packing).
The book unpacks the nuances of a series of carefully chosen images & texts, & is clearly not intended as a broad empirical survey in the historical tradition.
However, this article argues that unpacking something of what is tied up in this exclusion may serve sầu a useful purpose in itself which goes beyond notions of individual risk.
In view of the inconclusive sầu statistical results associated with democracy"s impact on economic performance, this article unpacks the dependent variable (economic development) by examining democratisation"s impact on education policy.
The arguments to / are also stored in the heap and must therefore be unpacked in such a way that they agree with the calling conventions of/.

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Unpacking is proceeding as quickly as possible, having regard khổng lồ the limited number of volunteer helpers now available.
The east search room is used for unpacking và packing exhibits because the only lift is on that side of the building.
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