a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between three different things that you could do, or in which there are three difficult things that must be done:

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Which is the best option for the economists of happiness to explore when facing the abovestated trilemma?
Under the classical gold standard the very idea of trilemma was not relevant to understanding monetary outcomes.
The trilemma, epistemically, is that any two of those conditions can be met – but not all three at once.
What we need is a view that falls within the overlapping area between the three circles and thus escapes the imprudence trilemma.
New thinking has emerged to release the formation of international labour standards from this political trilemma.
In the context of the thesis advanced in this article, domestic political structures had not yet evolved in a manner that made the problem of the trilemma an issue.
Union organization (as discussed above) and membership composition are likely to significantly shape the way this trilemma is resolved.
The political trilemma set out above will not be resolved by a big programme designed to transfer the functions of national governance regimes to some extra-national institutions.
Layard faces a serious trilemma, the solution of which inevitably requires the rejection of some features of his hedonic approach to happiness.

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