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We assume that the curvature of the trabeculae indicates the cranial direction; no exceptions to this have been reported for pterosaurian head crests.
The maximum preserved height of the exposed trabeculae is 15 mm, and there are between 12 and 14 trabeculae per 10 mm.
New preparation of this material shows that structures previously interpreted as fine, elongate teeth of a mandible are in fact vertical linear trabeculae of a medial cranial crest.
When the trabeculae experience stress leading to microfractures and collapse, the crescent sign appears.
Beneath the external capsule and along the courses of the trabeculae, are “peritrabecular” and “subcapsular sinuses”.
Under ischaemic conditions numerous pathological changes in the bone marrow and trabeculae of oral cancellous bone have been documented.
Each lymph node is surrounded by a fibrous capsule, and inside the lymph node the fibrous capsule extends to form trabeculae.
The spleen therefore consists of a number of small spaces or areolae, formed by the trabeculae; in these areolae is contained the splenic pulp.
Much like spicules, the increasing growth of trabeculae result in interconnection and this network is called woven bone.
The arterioles, supported by the minute trabeculae, traverse the pulp in all directions in bundles (penicilli) of straight vessels.
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a dark spot on the surface of the sun that appears for a few days or weeks and then disappears

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