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newspapers và magazines, and those parts of television and radio that broadcast news, or reporters & photographers who work for them:
The charity invited the press (= reporters và photographers) khổng lồ a presentation of its plans for the future.

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Freedom of the press (= the right of newspapers to publish web4_news and opinions without being controlled by the government) must be upheld.
a piece of equipment that is used to put weight on something in order to lớn crush it, remove sầu liquid from it or to lớn make it flat:
to try to persuade or cause someone lớn do something, or to lớn act in a determined way to lớn cause something to be accepted:
newspapers, magazines, & other businesses that communicate web4_news to lớn the public by print, television, or radio, or the people who work khổng lồ prepare & present the news:
Good/bad press is the positive or negative sầu reaction of newspapers, magazines, etc., to lớn a person or thing:
press charges against sb Italian magistrates are expected khổng lồ press charges against the company"s founder.

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newspapers and magazines, and those parts of television & radio that broadcast news, or the people who work for newspapers, etc.:
freedom of (the) press He was an outspoken activist in favor of freedom of press and freedom of speech.
My comments here, however, are very general, & apply khổng lồ any argument which presses the problem of evil on the basis of empirical evidence.
The participants were asked to lớn indicate if they detected the target by pressing separate buttons on the keyboard (" 1 "=yes, " 9 "=no).
In some, the animals" bodies are pressed inkhổng lồ clumsy and unnaturalistic positions more suited to a human toàn thân.
The subject had khổng lồ respond to the square immediately after it appeared on the display by pressing a key on a special keyboard.
The plasma pressed by the magnetic field to the internal electrode is unstable because of an unfavorable curvature of the magnetic field lines.





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