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What does exactly " technically" mean?In many movies people use this word ,but I don`t get it.What`s that & how to lớn use it?For example ,the heroine said,"technically,I am single ." What does that exactly mean?

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Well it has many meanings. At some situations it might be synonyme for for example "precisely speaking" but in those situations to lớn person usually tells the extra details immediately saying that.But usually using technically speaking means that there"s some duality of doubt...usually some ugly surprise that people try khổng lồ avoid telling...and say "technically" in some kind of way of being semi-honest. They give you khổng lồ chance lớn ask what he/she means by that "technically" part but if you don"t ask he/she can always shrug off their responsibility for not telling by saying that you get the chance to ask because they said "technically". It"s like those special clauses printed in small phông in agreement papers."Technically single" could have tens of different meanings for example:1) the person is still married but has just filed for divorce2) the persons partner is working late today! Perfect time lớn cheat! But then the poor bastard decides to lớn come home early....3) the persons partner works in other there"s almost minuscule chances of him/her caught his/her spouse cheating4) the person has phsychopatic overjealous ex- who hunts down his/her every new date. In that case "technically" is warning.Generally "technically" speaking is sign of conflicting/contradicting facts. Person could be thành viên of some religious community as matter of habit but in reality he wouldn"t believe sầu inkhổng lồ tenets of that faith. So technically he would be for example Christian even if he wouldn"t believe sầu lớn God because state papers say so.People using "technically" speaking many times gives kinda unthrustworthy picture of themselves. For example if some person would say that he"s technically American the first thing coming khổng lồ my mind would be that he would be illegal immigrant & that IRS goons would burst in soon. FREEZE! THIS IS IRS!
8 mon 3 năm 2009

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Hi Babypink,When a person says “technically” before their answer, it shows that they are answering the question factually, but they are not answering the real meaning of the question.For your example… “single” & “married” are opposites. You are either one or the other. If a person asks “Are you single?” the factual question is “are you single or married?” but the real meaning of the question is “are you available for me to date you?” So the answer “technically, I am single” means that I am not married, but there are things that would make me unavailable khổng lồ date you. I may already have a boyfrikết thúc but we’re not married yet or I may be a lesbian & not interested in dating a man, or my husbvà might have died & I’m single again but not interested in starting over, etc.-- “Did they offer you the job?”-- “Technically, no. But they said I should look for a letter from them on Monday.” (This suggests they will offer the job on Monday, but they haven’t offered it yet.)-- “This house is expensive. Do you have money in the ngân hàng for it?”-- “Technically, no. But I could sell some stocks.” (The money is not in the ngân hàng, but I vày have money somewhere else, like in investments.)-- “What a dễ thương photo lớn. Is that your daughter?”-- “Technically, yes, but I gave sầu her up for adoption right after the pholớn was taken” (She is biologically my daughter, but I am not the mother who raised her.)
8 tháng 3 năm 2009
Concerning the first response, examples 1-3 are incorrect, at least according to American English usage. "Technically" implies that based on laws, generally accepted agreements or standards, etc. that someone is in a certain condition.For the "technically single" examples, only #4 is correct. This person is "technically" single; however, since a crazy ex is stalking here và possibly stopping her from dating other people, it is lượt thích she is still in a relationship. An opposite phrase for "technically" is "for all intents và purposes"In example 3 given above, this person is technically married. According to lớn the laws of his or her nation, he or she is legally bound lớn the spouse. However, since the spouse is overseas, this person is "for all intents and purposes" single.Like I stated above sầu, I can only speak for American English though.