Sympathetic là gì

used to describe someone who shows, especially by what they say, that they understvà & care about someone else"s suffering:
She just needed someone who would lkết thúc a sympathetic ear khổng lồ her (= listen to her in a kind và understanding way) once in a while.

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If a character in a book or film is sympathetic, they are described or shown in such a way that you are able lớn understand the character"s feelings, with the result that you lượt thích them:

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A sympathetic character in a book or movie is one whose actions are understandable và who is therefore likable.
Central administration of leptin inhibits food intake & activates the sympathetic nervous system in rhesus macaques.
Individual differences in the reactivities of sympathetic và parasympathetic divisions of the brain"s autonomic centres should therefore also be relevant to the efficiency of socialization.
In contrast, architecture, at least khổng lồ the sympathetic observer, is an activity that straddles và overcomes such divisions.
Circle illustrated his intense interest in và sympathetic feeling for abstract art, which was dominant throughout his life.
He had been sensitive sầu khổng lồ the echoing murmur of the mountains, that communicating of sounds destined khổng lồ intoxicate sympathetic souls.
Each sympathetic candidate exercises its influence on the outcome through its respective sầu sympathy constraint.
Top labor leaders did not want neutral administrators; rather, they desired administrators sympathetic khổng lồ the unions.
Prior to the 1950s, conservation groups relied on sympathetic federal agency officials to secure scenic areas for preservation và to lớn limit development.
The result, in this poor critic"s mind, was confusion, difficulty of sympathetic identification with the performers, và cultural cognitive sầu dissonance.
There are distinct, separately ranked sympathetic faithfulness constraints on these two correspondence relations.





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