Từ sporadic là gì, (từ Điển anh di truyền và ung thư có ba


Trong chuyên mục từ bỏ giờ Anh xuất xắc trong ngày hôm nay, mời chúng ta mày mò nghĩa của từ sporadic.

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Định nghĩa của trường đoản cú sporadic

Theo từ điển Oxford, sporadic nghĩa là: happening only occasionally or atintervalsthat are not regular

SYNONYMintermittent, occasional, infrequent, irregular.

sporadic fighting/gunfire/violencesporadic outbreaks of the disease

Nghĩa: tách rạc, lác đác; ko thường xuyên

Cách phạt âm của từ sporadic

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lấy ví dụ như của từ bỏ sporadic

Sporadic fighting continued through the next day.Sporadic gunfire was reported each night.

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The findings are derived from sporadic and statistically unreliable surveys.There are sporadic outbreaks of violence.

From 1960 Mandela led the underground campaign of the African National Congress’s military wing, umKhonlớn weSizwe, moving around the country disguised as a chauffeur, with trips abroad to rally tư vấn, so his boxing training becamesporadic.—Gavin Evans,Quartz Africa, “How Mandela stayed fit: from his “matchbox” Sowekhổng lồ home to lớn his Robben Island prison cell,” 7 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. 2020

In the past, back in 1918, in the pandemic flu, there was some success insporadiccases there.—CBS News, “Antibodies from blood of recovered COVID-19 patients may be key lớn fighting coronavirut,” 30 Mar. 2020

But residents tell me the CHA has engaged in onlysporadiccommunication since state & đô thị officials began imposing rules lớn reduce social interaction.—Michồng Dumke,ProPublica, “The Chicago Housing Authority Was Slow khổng lồ Protect Residents During the Coronavirus Outbreak,” 30 Mar. 2020

In humans, some disorders have sầu been linked khổng lồ malfunctions of RNA editing, such as thesporadickhung of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.—Eric Niiler,Wired, “Squids’ Gene-Editing Superpowers May Unlochồng Human Cures,” 24 Mar. 2020

The act was originally used during the Korean War và has seensporadicuse over the years to spur innovation and combat espionage.—Roberkhổng lồ Baldwin,Car và Driver, “Automakers Step Up lớn Challenge of Helping in Coronavirut Pandemic,” 24 Mar. 2020

Some data suggest that COVID-19 lies somewhere in between Ebola’ssporadicsurges in infection rate and influenza’s steady pace.—National Geographic, “THE BEST OF NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX,” 19 Mar. 2020

Alabama played its first intercollegiate football game in 1892, & enjoyedsporadicsuccess through its first two decades of competition.—Creg Stephenson | Cstephenson
al.com,al, “Shut down college football in state of Alabama? It’s happened twice before,” 15 Mar. 2020

Thesporadicnature of serious outbreaks means funding và expertise are minimal.—Quanta Magazine, “The Animal Origins of Coronavi khuẩn and Flu,” 25 Feb. 2020

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