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Our approach yields an overall estimate of 75,982 transcriptional units, with 66,610 supported by multiple transcripts or individual transcripts with splicing evidence.
Several of the introns in the myosins are between 66 and 70 nucleotides and so may be long enough to be spliced.
A third alternatively spliced exon (22a) was identified in the first phosphatase domain between exons 22 and 23.
All of the recorded target words were then spliced onto a single rendition of the carrier phrase spoken by the same speaker.
Second, crossover is per formed at random points during reproduction allowing genes to be spliced, resulting in significant changes in the encoded values.
Expression levels of splicing factors appear to have a strong influence on the natural variation in abundance of corresponding alternatively spliced transcripts.
A completely new possibility of organising sounds appears with tape editing, which permits tape to be spliced and arranged with an extraordinary new precision.
The finding of a splicing protein that was highly expressed in the brain was initially met with considerable excitement.
The use of such consensus sequences is likely to improve alignment, increase splicing evidence, and has been shown to improve the detection of protein homology.
The second word invades, splices to itself engrafted signs, charges the boundaries of the single term.
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a part of a ship or a flat area next to or on the roof of a house where you can sit and enjoy the sun

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