feeling sadness, sympathy, or disappointment, especially because something unpleasant has happened or been done:

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to feel sad because you have a problem and you feel that it is not fair that you are suffering so much:

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used to say that you wish you had not done what you have done, especially when you want to be polite to someone you have done something bad to:
Sorry is also used as a polite way to show your sympathy to someone because of a loss, problem, or trouble the person has had:
Sorry is also used as a polite way of asking someone to excuse you for having done something that might have annoyed the person:
Based on our review of the literature, we identified seven apology terms (sorry, apologize, excuse, pardon, regret, afraid, forgive).
On the contrary, the soldiers whose task it was to guard them reportedly felt sorry for their plight and treated them with affection.
Proponents of the ban, however, justified a complete ban on the basis of the precautionary principle that it is better to be safe than sorry.
I am sorry if this criticism is upsetting to the authors who have taken the trouble to describe their work for us.
Another area where culturally determined usage is observable is the use of sorry on every occasion that requires sympathy.

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