Step 1: Drag your DjVu file on the upload box or click on it to browse your disk.

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Step 2: Select the output format for your PDF (black and white or colored) and the desired compression level.Step 3: Watch the conversion process from DjVu to PDF and download the result.

In case you submit a PDF, the app will automatically create a DjVu out of it since it works bi-directional.


High-quality DjVu to PDF Converter

You just came across one of the best DjVu converters in the market: It will create a searchable PDF out of any DjVu you submit and finishes the job surprisingly fast.


Also works for PDF to DjVu

In case you submit a PDF here, our converter will automatically create a DjVu document out of it, which reduces its file size significantly. Ideal for shrinking PDFs!


Unlimited and 100 % Free

Our tool allows you to perform an unlimited number of conversions for free. No hidden costs, no sign-up required.


Searchable PDFs with a OCR Layer

In case your original data contains OCR information (which is the case for most DjVus), the converter will preserve it and includes it in the output. Therefore, the output PDF will be searchable.

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Large File Support

You can also submit a large file here. During the conversion process you will be able to choose between different compression levels to optimize the file size of your output PDFs, which is especially useful if you need a small file for an ebook reader.



When using our service, it processes your PDFs on a remote server. Thereby, your privacy is of high priority to us. We remove all your data from our servers shortly after the process has finished. We will not share it and do not even look at it.

Welcome to our free DjVu to PDF converter!

We are proud to offer a one-off solution to convert between DjVu and PDF, which is setting standards. Also, the inventors of the DjVu format recommend your service (see In the following, you find the aspects which make this tool better than other alternatives:

Searchable PDFs out of DjVu documents

We are the only place across the web, which also offers to convert the embedded OCR information, of the original DjVu documents to PDF. All our competitors skip this useful information, which leads to a poor user-experience when reading the resulting PDFs. Due to the usage of the OCR information of the original DjVu files, our output PDFs will be searchable like the initial DjVu.

No File Size Limitations and fast cloud-based Conversion

We regularly invest in upgrading our conversion servers. That is why our service will also stay user-friendly and competitive in the future. Conversion usually takes less than a minute. You can also convert DjVu documents with thousands of pages within a short time frame. Due to the modern infrastructure, we allow you to submit DjVu files of arbitrary file size.

No Software Download required

All data processing takes place entirely on our servers, and therefore it is independent of your local operating system. No matter if you use Windows, Linux, or Mac OS: You can use our tool from your web-browser and will receive an excellent result for free.

DjVu to PDF Converter App Performance Rating
Rated4.8 / 5 based on 127 Reviews
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Start converting DjVu to PDF right now with our free App!

More than 12 years of experience make sure that we do the job in the best possible way. You will love the result.

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Terms and Conditions provides this service for free in the hope that it will be useful.There is no warranty of any kind. You agree to upload your document to a remote server temporarily, whenever you use our app.

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