to make cloth by repeatedly crossing a single thread through two sets of long threads on a loom (= special frame):

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to form something from several different things or to combine several different things, in a complicated or skilled way:

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to go or make a path by moving quickly and changing direction often, especially to avoid hitting things:
the way in which cloth has been woven, for example with the threads pulled firmly together, or the pattern produced by this process:
to make cloth by repeatedly passing a single thread in and out through long threads on a loom (= special frame):
Again he offers a taut telling of a familiar story, weaving together above all the histories of policy, economics and society.
The combined effect was increasing specialization and division of labour, in particular, a gradual separation of weaving from wool production and wool trade.
Although given a separate chapter, the mechanics governing thrustbelt deformation is a theme which is woven throughout the book.
Picks were generally flattened on one side and were used in weaving to lift the warp to create intricate patterns.
A special process called weaving merg es programs written in these languag es to produce the resulting system.
All these are intricately woven in ten chapters – introduction, eight substantive chapters and conclusion.
As can be seen from definitions (8), weaving not only consists of putting in parallel, but also in synchronising common output symbols.

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He weaves close, detailed analyses of several different linguistic phenomena into a book that coheres tightly.
Most importantly, it was the weaving family that determined how work was allocated within the household, not some outside set of actors.
She also found that women spun, and presumably wove, maguey and cotton in both commoner and elite households.
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