What'S My Usci Code Là Gì ? What'S My Usci No


If you"ve dealt with Chinese companies in recent years there is a good chance you will have sầu come across the term "Unified Social Credit Code".Bạn vẫn xem: Usci code là gì

This quality 18-digit number is issued to all companies and organizations in Mainland Đài Loan Trung Quốc và serves a variety of purposes.

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In this article we provide practical information about the Unified Social Credit Code và explain how you can find each Chinese company"s chất lượng number.

What Does "Unified Social Credit Code" Mean?

This term is used in Mainl& China lớn describe each Chinese company or organization"s chất lượng registration number.

In Chinese it is called:

统一社会信用代码Tǒngyī shèhuì xìnyòng dàimǎ

The name "Unified Social Credit Code" is simply a direct translation of the Chinese term inlớn English và is often abbreviated as "USCC".

Because it is a translation however, we have also seen it translated in many other ways, including:

Unified Social Credit Number / USCNUnified Social Credit Indicator / USCIUniform Social Credit Code

On our trang web & in our verification services however, we usually refer to lớn it as simply the "Business Registration Number" as, despite its elaborate name, that is the main purpose it holds.

Who Has a Unified Social Credit Code?

All companies and organizations registered in Mainl& Đài Loan Trung Quốc must have a unified social credit code.

This includes all types of Chinese companies, even sole traders, as well as organizations such as schools, hospitals & charities.

lưu ý that organizations registered in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan vày not have sầu this code as, when it comes khổng lồ registration, they are each separate jurisdictions.

What Does the Unified Social Credit Code Look Like?

It is always an 18-digit code comprised mainly of numbers, but can also include some letters.

To give you a clearer idea, here are some examples of the Unified Social Credit Code for some famous Chinese companies:

91110000710926094Phường - China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

91310000631696382C - Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Despite being a Chinese system there are no Chinese characters used. Each of the digits contained within the Unified Social Credit Code are derived from a combination of various systems, hence the word "unified".

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For more technical details about how the code read this article, but in basic khung, this table shows how the 18-digit code is created: 



Who Issues a Unified Social Credit Code?

This code can be issued by a wide range of Chinese authorities, depending on the type of organization being registered. 

For companies, i.e. the majority of cases, the code is issued by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce (AIC) who are represented by the number 9 - and this is why most Chinese companies" Unified Social Credit Code starts with "9".

Why was the Unified Social Credit Code Developed?

In recent years, Chinese authorities have sầu made great progress in streamlining their services to reduce red tape and make the process of company registration more efficient.

Whereas previously each company had a separate business license number, tax registration number, organization code và statistical registration number etc. (plus certificates for each), these days a single certificate displaying the Unified Social Credit Code is sufficient.

Given the astonishing number of companies in Trung Quốc, we found that the roll-out of this system was handled very competently.

How khổng lồ Find a Company"s Unified Social Credit Code

Based on our experience, the majority of Chinese companies are now familiar with the Unified Social Credit Code, although some confusion exists in how khổng lồ explain it to clients in English.

Here are a number of ways to lớn identify a Chinese company"s Unified Social Credit Code:

1. Just Ask!

The easiest way to lớn find a Chinese supplier"s code is simply to lớn ask. In most cases a Chinese company should be more than happy to lớn provide their registration number lớn current or potential clients.

2. From their Business License

The Unified Social Credit Code is prominently displayed on a Mainlvà China company"s business license besides the characters "统一社会信用代码".

Take a look at the image below - here the code has been blurred out, but this is where it can be found.


3. From Other Documents & Certificates

In Trung Quốc, use of the Unified Social Credit Code has become almost universal, và we are finding the code being displayed on a wider và wider range of company certificates.

The most striking example is on China"s system of legal receipts, "Fapiao", which requires the code khổng lồ be displayed along with the official company name.

Other examples we have sầu seen include some Chinese ISO9001 certificates & on newer versions of the Chinese Foreign Trade Registration Certificate. 

4. Online Search

Here are a few options for searching for the code online:

China Company Registration Search Website



Chinese companies who have undergone "Online Check" display the Unified Social Credit Code here:


Global Sources

This is one of the alternative sầu Trung Quốc sourcing websites to Alibaba. The code is displayed in their "Independently Verified Information" section:


5. Verify with Đài Loan Trung Quốc Checkup

Our range of China company verification reports make verifying a Chinese company quick và easy. 

Each of our reports include identification of the company"s Unified Social Credit Code, alongside a wide range of other vital company information.