Unilateral là gì, unilateral contract là gì

in a way that involves doing or deciding something without first asking or agreeing with another person, group, or country:

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The law is part of a disturbing trkết thúc to act unilaterally without regard khổng lồ the legitimate interests of others.

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Therefore, a president who cannot unilaterally fire civil servants needs alternative mechanisms lớn constrain their behaviour.
The state conferred upon a privileged few the right to lớn unilaterally phối prices, regulate output and exclude competitors from the market.
The fact that the analysis of many of the interviews remained cursory, & was conducted unilaterally rather than in cross-cultural collaboration, does show through, however.
In addition, states could threaten to withdraw or unilaterally decontrol items to prompt a substantive change.
Furthermore, some instruments are framed so that government unilaterally acts on target groups, while others build a bilateral or multilateral feature directly into the mechanism.
The local authority took the same view initially, unilaterally designing a means-tested charging system which was "a hybrid between residential care and domiciliary care".
To assess the likely effects of a merger, the difference in demand elastiđô thị two hospitals face when pricing jointly instead of unilaterally is calculated.
They use the language of liberty và rights but are ready to allow one person khổng lồ set the terms of his interactions with others unilaterally.
However, the fact remains that employers can unilaterally change the terms of pension schemes overnight, even to lớn the extent of cancelling them altogether.
In reality, this caring relationship has unilaterally transferred caring responsibilities lớn female carers.
As the risks increase và the risk-benefit ratio becomes less favorable, parents should not be able khổng lồ decide unilaterally whether their child will participate.

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to lớn act or work together for a particular purpose, or lớn be helpful by doing what someone asks you to do

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