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Học các từ bạn cần giao tiếp một cách tự tin.

an amount of money that you have to pay to travel along some main roads, to cross bridges, etc., or to make telephone calls over long distances:
In addition to the physical destruction caused by the flooding, the emotional toll on its victims was immense.

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pay/collect a toll Vehicles would be fitted with an electronic tag allowing drivers to pay tolls by credit card, over the phone or electronically.

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Cable companies must treat all online traffic equally, without imposing higher tolls for certain content.
The latter feature deals critically with the alleged demise of whom (“the bell tolls for whom”) and the spread of the genitive, a reversal of expected tendencies.
Private ownership of lighthouses, which had existed for centuries, came under increasing attack, due to the burdens high tolls and decentralized management were said to impose on the public.
Though tolls sometimes involved the royal right of pre-emption, and probably levies in kind on ships” cargoes, money must have been for all parties a more convenient medium for payment.
From the king”s standpoint money tolls gave access to the silver bullion on which royal power partly depended without putting him to the trouble of fighting for it.
The eight-minute second movement, marked = c. 48, opens with a brief solo elegy from the violin, which is soon joined by tolling piano chords which roll into a bluesy nightscape.
In an ancient borough, the importance of the large town gate was associated with public order, the collection of tolls and a venue for meetings of guildsmen and freemen.
All caravans that made their way inland and back in the nineteenth century passed through regions dominated by coastal hinterland polities, who demanded transit tolls to pass through their lands.
The research project found that the net income of fishermen after subtracting direct costs and tolls was very similar to the incomes of day labourers in the locality.
The initiative in any proposal to free this bridge from tolls must come from the local authorities concerned.
Parliamentary agreement to the charging of tolls has enabled crossings to be built which would not otherwise have been provided.
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