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Đang xem: Nghĩa của từ tact là gì, tact Định nghĩa: giá cước vận chuyển hàng hóa máy

Often it has been simply a gesture of tact towards the feelings, however bigoted, of others, whether friends, family or colleagues.
With exquisite tact and selfdenial, he has never allowed his passions for cricket and interesting motorcars to impinge on our conversation.
A consequentialist who possesses a genuinely friendly character would abandon her friends with gentle tact and a loving, sorrowful explanation.
Symons translates foreign culture without tact or regard for history, the better to free the dance and the body from the mundane order of signification.
Bureaucracy has at last made its thunderous entrance into a world it should have had the tact to keep away from.
The empowerment of women through verbal tact and supernatural strength only increased female audience appeal.
Conservative surgery was possible in 97% with mobilization of the anterior leaflet, longitudinal plication of the right inflow tact, reduction of the tricuspid annulus using prosthetic ring in older patients.
Quietly, firmly and without fuss or bother, she radiated an aura of compromise, of tact and of understanding which were perhaps the most central characteristics of her personality.
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a part of a ship or a flat area next to or on the roof of a house where you can sit and enjoy the sun

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