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Đang xem: Tablecloth là gì, khăn trải bàn tiếng anh là gì

They are unlikely to be able to see food clearly if it is on a patterned plate that is on a patterned tablecloth.
Similarly, fish in parsley sauce with mashed potato and sweetcorn may be hard to make out if served on a white plate placed on a white tablecloth.
Since normal observers can perceptually discriminate such freshly jacketed books from the contrasting tablecloth background, a high school text may be seen on a kitchen table.
When the teapot had been upset and the tablecloth irretrievably stained, they all moved round to a clean place on the tablecloth.
We were invited inside and, on a wooden packing case, was a white tablecloth, with the table set for tea for my wife and myself.
That so-called bottom drawer contained embroidered tablecloths, pillow cases and that kind of thing.
I always think that one of the most beautiful sights is a damask tablecloth set for dinner by candlelight.
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to prevent further disagreement in arguments or war by giving to the opposing side an advantage that they have demanded

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