Supported Là Gì ? Tìm Hiểu Về Công Việc Support Và Các Vấn Đề Liên Quan


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Learn the words you need khổng lồ communicate with confidence.

to lớn agree with & give encouragement khổng lồ someone or something because you want him, her, or it to succeed:
If you tư vấn a sports team or a sports player, you want them khổng lồ win, và might show it by going lớn watch them play:
Alcoholics Anonymous is a group which supports people who are trying khổng lồ stop drinking too much alcohol.

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to lớn give a person the money they need in order lớn buy food and clothes & pay for somewhere lớn live:
When babies first learn lớn stand, they hold on khổng lồ something to support themselves (= lớn stop themselves from falling).
figurative sầu The Bank of Englvà has taken measures to support the pound (= lớn stop it from being reduced in value).

In English, many past & present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives. Some of these examples may show the adjective use.

But the idea of an ageless self is also supported by developmental psychological theories, where the development after adolescence is seldom considered.
Indeed, genetically informed studies, in many cases, have supported these main effects, although their magnitude is sometimes less than previously supposed.
The findings reveal that the theoretical Model has been supported to lớn a substantial extent, although not all hypotheses were confirmed by the data.
The results of the two studies supported this prediction và the incrementalist Model upon which it is based.
The salience of family relationships is supported by findings from studies that address patient experiences, preferences, & needs.
All other hypotheses are also supported, & suggestions regarding the necessary future direction of environmental policy are made.
When the patient ultimately deteriorates, the clinical staff should be supported if they decide that there should be no escalation in care.
This is supported by the isolated, periclinal nature, the absence of cross-stratification or visible pinching and swelling of laminae across the waves.