It”s the story of a young woman who can”t make up her mind which of her many suitors she should marry.

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PJH Corporation said it had been approached by two possible suitors who had submitted bids to buy the company.

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Nâng cao vốn từ vựng của bạn với English Vocabulary in Use từ

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Học các từ bạn cần giao tiếp một cách tự tin.

a suitor for sth A German private equity firm is understood to be one of the suitors for the company.

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a potential/possible/rival suitor Potential suitors for the bank have not yet come up with any firm bids.
They admonished drunkards, jailed adulterers, and obligated reluctant suitors to marry pregnant sweethearts.
Their exclusivity, their endogamy (forbidding suitors ” from the world “), have all the hallmarks of sectarian inwardness.
We are not told if this change of heart reflects a new-found maturity on her part or is the result of her having been dropped by her other suitors.
Santaanes (work parties) usually honour a nominal superior (khilif) : sons, suitors, nephews, daughters, sisters and nieces perform santaanes, while fathers, uncles and in-laws profit from them.
Our political system is an adversarial one and nowadays there are no less than three suitors for the hand of the public.
In nine weeks the county courts will substantially reduce their involvement in the handling of suitors” cash.
I hope therefore, although it is late at night, we shall endeavour to do our duty to the taxpayers and to the suitors.
I do not intend for one moment to dilate upon the importance of suitors having their cases-dealt with.
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