to shape something so that it can move as effectively and quickly as possible through a liquid or gas:

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Học các từ bạn cần giao tiếp một cách tự tin.

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to improve the effectiveness of an organization such as a business or government, often by making the way activities are performed simpler:
to make a business, process, activity, etc. simpler and more effective by reducing costs, the number of people involved in it, etc.:
Around 1% of the global workforce are being laid off as the group attempts to streamline its business.

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streamline operations/procedures/processes They are now under pressure to streamline operations after profits slumped by 45% last year.
The ruling authority resolved conflicts, streamlined its revenue mechanisms, and yet, it was dependent on the landed proprietors, bankers and merchants.
The use of kayaks, coupled with an expeditionary style approach, markedly reduced operational costs and streamlined logistics.
I have streamlined my current performance set-up further by replacing the external sound module with a software synthesizer.
I am very grateful for the time and effort they put into developing the databases, office procedures, and filing systems that streamlined the editorial process.
There is a strong case for considering how these separate initiatives might be streamlined and integrated when they are reviewed in the next few years.
The last question focuses on the process of conducting update searches and was included to identify areas where our activities could be streamlined.
The grouping of small funds will permit streamlining of their operations and will allow them to act as major purchasers.
By the mid-1990s it was clear that the regulatory patchwork needed to be streamlined in terms of sectoral regulators and their relationship with competition authorities.
In the 1930s, steel took over from hardwood for the structural frame of the diner and shiny metal streamlining came into fashion, just as it did for domestic trailers.
As a result, it was said that members of that congregation organized a separate majlis, one that, it was hoped, would be streamlined and made more interesting.
Nothing is lost functionally by the omission of and, and one can see that in an age of figures, sums and calculations this kind of streamlining makes sense.
In organizing silvicultural activities, new contracting systems that aim to overcome labour shirking and reduce administration costs through streamlining the bureaucratic system could be important in future reforms.
The issues of streamlining the referrals, reducing waiting times for the chest consultant and being able to give more time to assess each patient holistically were seen as beneficial.
Based on a hydrodynamic analysis, a hollow, streamlined, rigid head and forebody are molded using fiberglass, which allows for larger space to house electrical and communication components.
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