Stereotype là gì

a set idea that people have sầu about what someone or something is like, especially an idea that is wrong:

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khổng lồ have sầu a mix idea about what a particular type of person is lượt thích, especially an idea that is wrong:
an idea that is used to describe a particular type of person or thing, or a person or thing thought lớn represent such an idea:
The back of the thực đơn, like the club name, inverted another old female stereotype, this time women"s supposed cattiness among themselves.
Not surprisingly, stronglybuttressed social stereotypes are extremely tenacious; nevertheless, they can be a poor basis for scientific work.
Drawings as well as travel accounts were used as a database of ready-made stereotypes for those who used the literature of travel as referential background.
However, in an earlier stage khổng lồ collaborative sầu approaches, the web4_user modeling community provided a different answer, namely the stereotype approach.
It is little wonder that many elderly people should try to lớn dissociate themselves personally from the false stereotype.

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These essays challenge the stereotype of a male pioneer migration, establishing patterns & decisions that women would later follow.
It would be anticipated that at first hospitalization, when clinicians have sầu few data to lớn inkhung treatment decisions, racial or ethnic stereotypes could influence such decisions.
Currently, stereotypes are always "hand-crafted", based on empirical observations like web4_user type analysis or sales data.
It refers khổng lồ a supposed subculture stereotyped as uneducated, uncultured và prone khổng lồ antisocial or immoral behavior.




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