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Đang xem: Splendor là gì trong tiếng việt? splendor là gì, nghĩa của từ splendor

With their abstraction and geometric splendor, the modern crowds replace earlier forms of community, often based on mystical appeals to the natural and the organic.
And yet when this protoconsciousness is organized in the right manner in a human brain, it gives rise to the wonderful splendor of human consciousness.
This martial landscape, one supposedly fought to make the land safe, cannot consummate its splendor in the production of a next generation to which the spoils can be left.
Its silver-decorated portals, the winding staircases encircling its four tall minarets, the old step-well in the grounds, and its onion-shaped dome contribute to its splendor.
He later developed a different style from his early feudal extravagances, of rural scenes intermingled with tragic incidents of town poverty and aristocratic splendor.
The high walls and tall parapets were designed to impress, and this sense of splendour is further enhanced by the chapel”s lofty position.
Tuburan is known for its crystal-clear springs, beaches, creeks, rivers, caves and natural splendours that draw adventure-seekers and nature-lovers.
They did not reach the splendor of the sunlight, in harvesting two touchdowns and a field goal out of the fog.
His career as a concert pianist did not maintain the splendor of its beginnings, because he dedicated himself instead to teaching.
The three storied memorial bestows a daunting look of past splendour, representing the rich heritage of that era beautifully.
This was the zenith of the splendour of the chambers, and after this time they soon fell into disfavour.

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