Sparkle là gì, sparkle tiếng anh là gì

*danh từ
 sự toé lửa
 sự lấp láy, sự lung linh, sự lóng lánh; ánh lấp lánh
 sự sắc sảo, sự linc lợi; sự rạng rỡ
 sự sủi tăm (của rượu)
*nội hễ từ
 toé lửa, nảy lửa
 lập loè, lấp lánh, lóng lánh; rực sáng bằng các tia sáng
 her eyes sparkle with joy
 mắt cô ta sáng lên bởi vui mừng
 trầm trồ sắc sảo, tỏ ra linc lợi (trí tuệ...); rạng rỡ
 she was really sparkling (with happiness) at the wedding
 cô ấy thực là sáng ngời (vì chưng hạnh phúc) vào lễ cưới
 bao gồm bọt, sủi tăm (rượu)

sparkle▸ verb1her earrings sparkled: GLITTER, glint, glisten, twinkle, flash, bliên kết, wink, shimmer, shine, gleam; poetic/literary coruscate, glister.

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2she sparkled as the hostess: BE LIVELY, be vivacious, be animated, be ebullient, be exuberant, be bubbly, be effervescent, be witty, be full of life.▸ noun the sparkle of the pool: GLITTER, glint, twinkle, flicker, shimmer, flash, shine, gleam; poetic/literary coruscation.
* danh từ - sự lấp lánh, sự lóng lánh; ánh lung linh - sự tinh tế và sắc sảo, sự linch lợi* nội hễ từ - lấp lánh lung linh, nhấp nhánh eyes sparkle with joy ~ đôi mắt sáng lên bởi vui vẻ - tỏ ra sắc sảo, trầm trồ linh lợi (trí tuệ...)* nước ngoài đụng từ - có tác dụng lấp lánh, làm cho lóng lánh
sparkle■ verb 1》 shine brightly with flashes of light. 2》 be vivacious and witty. 3》 > (of drink) effervescent; fizzy. ■ noun 1》 a glittering flash of light. 2》 vivathành phố và wit. Derivativessparklinglyadverb sparklyadjective OriginME: frequentative sầu (v.) or dimin. (n.) of spark1.
noun1. merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance ( Freq. 2)- he had a sparkle in his eye- there"s a perpetual twinkle in his eyes • Syn: twinkle , spark , light• Derivationally related forms: twinkly (for: twinkle ), sparkly Hypernyms:vitality , verve , expression , look , aspect , facial expression , face2.

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the chất lượng of shining with a bright reflected light • Syn: glitter , glister , glisten , scintillation• Derivationally related forms: scintillate (for: scintillation ), glisten (for: glisten ), glittery (for: glitter ), glitter (for: glitter ) Hypernyms: brightness3. the occurrence of a small flash or spark • Syn: glitter , coruscation• Derivationally related forms: coruscate (for: coruscation ), sparkly , glittery (for: glitter ) Hypernyms: flashII verb1. reflect brightly ( Freq. 1)- Unquarried marble sparkled on the hillside • Syn: scintillate , coruscate• Derivationally related forms: coruscant (for: coruscate ), coruscation (for: coruscate ), scintillant (for: scintillate ), scintillation (for: scintillate ), sparkler , sparkling Hypernyms: reflect , shine• Verb Frames:- Something ----s- Lights sparkle on the horizon- The horizon is sparkleing with lights2. be lively or brilliant or exhibit virtuosity ( Freq. 1)- The musical performance sparkled- A scintillating conversation- his playing coruscated throughout the concert hall • Syn: scintillate , coruscate• Derivationally related forms: coruscation (for: coruscate ), scintillation (for: scintillate ) Hypernyms: be• Verb Frames:- Something ----s- Somebody ----s3. become bubbly or frothy or foaming- The boiling soup was frothing- The river was foaming- Sparkling water • Syn: foam , froth , fizz , effervesce , size bubbles• Derivationally related forms: effervescent (for: effervesce ), effervescence (for: effervesce ), fizz (for: fizz ), froth (for: froth ), foam (for: foam ) Hypernyms: bubble Hyponyms: lather , seethe• Verb Frames:- Something ----s4. emit or produce sparks- A high tension wire, brought down by a storm, can continue khổng lồ spark • Syn: spark• Derivationally related forms: spark (for: spark ) Hypernyms: emit , give out , give off• Verb Frames:- Something ----s