* danh từ
  sự toé lửa
  sự nhấp nháy, sự lấp lánh, sự lóng lánh; ánh lấp lánh
  sự sắc sảo, sự linh lợi; sự rạng rỡ
  sự sủi tăm (của rượu)
* nội động từ
  toé lửa, nảy lửa
  nhấp nháy, lấp lánh, lóng lánh; rực sáng bằng các tia sáng
  her eyes sparkle with joy
  mắt cô ta sáng lên vì vui mừng
  tỏ ra sắc sảo, tỏ ra linh lợi (trí tuệ…); rạng rỡ
  she was really sparkling (with happiness) at the wedding
  cô ấy thực là rạng rỡ (vì hạnh phúc) trong lễ cưới
  có bọt, sủi tăm (rượu)

sparkle▸ verb1her earrings sparkled: GLITTER, glint, glisten, twinkle, flash, blink, wink, shimmer, shine, gleam; poetic/literary coruscate, glister.

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2she sparkled as the hostess: BE LIVELY, be vivacious, be animated, be ebullient, be exuberant, be bubbly, be effervescent, be witty, be full of life.▸ noun the sparkle of the pool: GLITTER, glint, twinkle, flicker, shimmer, flash, shine, gleam; poetic/literary coruscation.
* danh từ – sự lấp lánh, sự lóng lánh; ánh lấp lánh – sự sắc sảo, sự linh lợi* nội động từ – lấp lánh, lóng lánh eyes sparkle with joy ~ mắt sáng lên vì vui mừng – tỏ ra sắc sảo, tỏ ra linh lợi (trí tuệ…)* ngoại động từ – làm lấp lánh, làm lóng lánh
sparkle■ verb 1》 shine brightly with flashes of light. 2》 be vivacious and witty. 3》 > (of drink) effervescent; fizzy. ■ noun 1》 a glittering flash of light. 2》 vivacity and wit. Derivativessparklinglyadverb sparklyadjective OriginME: frequentative (v.) or dimin. (n.) of spark1.
noun1. merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance ( Freq. 2)– he had a sparkle in his eye- there”s a perpetual twinkle in his eyes • Syn: twinkle , spark , light• Derivationally related forms: twinkly (for: twinkle ), sparkly Hypernyms:vitality , verve , expression , look , aspect , facial expression , face2.

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the quality of shining with a bright reflected light • Syn: glitter , glister , glisten , scintillation• Derivationally related forms: scintillate (for: scintillation ), glisten (for: glisten ), glittery (for: glitter ), glitter (for: glitter ) Hypernyms: brightness3. the occurrence of a small flash or spark • Syn: glitter , coruscation• Derivationally related forms: coruscate (for: coruscation ), sparkly , glittery (for: glitter ) Hypernyms: flashII verb1. reflect brightly ( Freq. 1)– Unquarried marble sparkled on the hillside • Syn: scintillate , coruscate• Derivationally related forms: coruscant (for: coruscate ), coruscation (for: coruscate ), scintillant (for: scintillate ), scintillation (for: scintillate ), sparkler , sparkling Hypernyms: reflect , shine• Verb Frames:- Something —-s- Lights sparkle on the horizon- The horizon is sparkleing with lights2. be lively or brilliant or exhibit virtuosity ( Freq. 1)– The musical performance sparkled- A scintillating conversation- his playing coruscated throughout the concert hall • Syn: scintillate , coruscate• Derivationally related forms: coruscation (for: coruscate ), scintillation (for: scintillate ) Hypernyms: be• Verb Frames:- Something —-s- Somebody —-s3.

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become bubbly or frothy or foaming– The boiling soup was frothing- The river was foaming- Sparkling water • Syn: foam , froth , fizz , effervesce , form bubbles• Derivationally related forms: effervescent (for: effervesce ), effervescence (for: effervesce ), fizz (for: fizz ), froth (for: froth ), foam (for: foam ) Hypernyms: bubble Hyponyms: lather , seethe• Verb Frames:- Something —-s4. emit or produce sparks– A high tension wire, brought down by a storm, can continue to spark • Syn: spark• Derivationally related forms: spark (for: spark ) Hypernyms: emit , give out , give off• Verb Frames:- Something —-s

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