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(of a theory, plan, or agreement) formed very carefully in every detail so that nothing is uncertain or in doubt:
Stretchable and water-tight latex caps became widely available in the 1920s & more durable và smooth silicone caps in the 1970.
In addition, although the ship should have been at action stations, she was sailing with the water-tight doors open.
After all, we don"t have sầu a watertight definition of most of the important biological concepts : " "life, " " " "species, " " & " "ren.
After making sure all vehicles have sầu exited the motorway, automated water-tight gates will be opened khổng lồ allow flood waters to lớn pass through.
As part of the restoration of the canal the aqueduct was lined with a concrete cradle và made water-tight in 1980.
Once applied it was smoothed before drying lớn create an air- và water-tight barrier against the elements.
No shingles are water-tight so the minimum recommended roof pitch is 4:12 without additional underlayment materials.
She is fully compliant to the highest standards of modern ocean-going passenger ships, with steel water-tight bulkheads, down-flooding valves, & fire-fighting equipment.
Water-tight sub-divisions were carefully designed; and there were seven water-tight bulkheads extending up khổng lồ the main deông xã.
Acceptable usage include other access points that may be capped with alternate materials providing an air- or water-tight access khổng lồ other vessels.

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In addition, joints & fissures in the dam were re-grouted again but with a water-tight resin epoxy.
A submerged roông chồng had ripped through six water-tight compartments of the hull, from the bows lớn the engine room.
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