to take the plug of a piece of electrical equipment out of the place where it is connected to the electricity supply:

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When the power cord stretches enough to unplug the jackhammer, the coyote climbs out and finds himself vibrating sporadically.
Workers may choose to unplug for a portion of a day and thus create the feeling of a vacation by simply separating themselves from the demands of constant digital communications.
Locate the problem, unplug the circuitboard, fix the problem and put the ciruitboard back into its slot but don”t forget to use a little contactspray to avoid bad contacts.
Instead, a filter is always represented as a plug, but perspectival refinement may unplug it and turn it into a hole if the new information meets certain conditions.
Bottom line: if you ever receive an electric shock when trying to unplug your computer, you may have experienced your computer becoming autonomic – maybe it just protected itself.
In an attempt to fool them into thinking it”s broken, he unplugs it, which is almost immediately noticed by the assistant.
He eventually finds the alley the band is performing in, walks up to them, and unplugs their equipment just before the song is finished.
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