Systolic là gì

used to lớn describe the phase of the blood pressure cycle when the ventricles of the heart have their strongest contractions against the blood vessel walls:

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The standard deviation was high, especially when the systolic time interval was elevated, producing extremely high predictions for diastolic pulmonary arterial pressure.
Within this study, four women developed proteinuric hypertension, and three of these had an elevated nocturnal systolic blood pressure between 18 and 24 weeks.
In patients without pulmonary stenosis, the systolic pulmonary arterial pressure increased concomitantly with the pressure elastic modulus.
In patients with an atrioventricular anastomosis, cine recordings were reviewed for systolic regurgitation from the rudimentary right ventricle inlớn the right atrium.
For determing the maximum flow velocities of blood through the aortic và pulmonary valves, systolic values were used.
Once digitized, each view is shown in quad screen format with each quadrant showing a cine loop of a single systolic cycle played synchronously.
Venous waveforms in the inferior vemãng cầu cava & ductus venosus are triphasic with peaks corresponding to lớn maximum systolic velođô thị, maximum diastolic velothành phố and atrial systole.
On examination, she was lethargic & had peripheral cyanosis, a grade 4/6 systolic cardiac murmur và mild left hemiparesis.

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He had peripheral cyanosis, clubbing and a grade 1/6 systolic cardiac murmur at the left sternal border.
There was clinical evidence of right ventricular hypertrophy, with an ejection systolic murmur of grade 3/6, a single second sound, and no continuous murmurs.
The third patient was referred for cardiac evaluation on the first day of life when a loud systolic murmur was heard.
On admission at the age of 2 months, the boy had no cardiac symptoms other than a systolic murmur at the upper right sternal border.




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