a group of people or companies who join together in order to share the cost of a particular business operation for which a large amount of money is needed:

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an organization that supplies articles and photographs to different newspapers and magazines for publishing:
to sell newspaper or magazine articles, photographs, television shows, etc. to other organizations so that they can be published or shown in several places:
Freelance writer Ellen Kanner is better known to Miami Herald readers as the syndicated food columnist Edgy Veggie.

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His businesses ranged from investment banking to syndicating corporate loans and managing wealth for private clients.
The report notes that big banks are having trouble “syndicating” their deals, or repackaging them into bundles to be sold to investors.

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a group of people or companies that join together in order to share the cost of a business operation, such as the buying and publishing of newspaper stories, photographs, etc.
a group of people or organizations who join together to share the financial risk involved in achieving something:
The syndicates of employers and workers had signed successive collective conventions in 1936, 1937 and 1938 (raising wages in the trade), and arbitration had affirmed these settlements.
In other words, it was to take up all the responsibilities that artisans themselves had shouldered – inadequately, perhaps, but autonomously – through the syndicates and chambers of trades.
To encourage co-operation among farmers, we also intend to make grants towards the cost of buildings for machinery syndicates.
Many f these stallions have been bought overseas for very large sums; they do not belong to one owner, but are syndicated.
There may be a growth of syndicated programmes in the form of plays, short stories, serials, light entertainment.
Students formed syndicates to work on practical issues related to the management of change in their own organisations, with tutorial guidance from the course directors.
We want to know something, too, about land syndicates that buy up land all over the place and sell it to farmers at high prices.
Building societies have long argued that if, banks are entitled to take part in syndicated lending, so should they.
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