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Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the xuất hiện Parliament Licence v3.0
The sun enters and leaves each sign of the zodiac slightly later each year at the rate of about 1 day every 72 years.
This movement provides us with the term rising sign, which is the sign of the zodiac rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of birth.
In the second season, he reveals the hidden workings of inter-character relationships, associating each character with a sign of the zodiac & stating how some signs are dimmer or brighter.
The group"s identity is based on the zodiac from the discipline astrology, with each member adopting the persona of a sign of the zodiac, being twelve in all.
The drawing represents a man with the twelve sầu signs of the zodiac along his body toàn thân, supporting two smaller human figures on each of his hands.
Chopra plays 12 characters, depicting the signs of the zodiac; each character has traits related to her astrological sign.
At the base a painted figure of a zodiacal man showed the relationship between the signs of the zodiac & parts of the human body toàn thân.
The elaborate south doorway is carved with the signs of the zodiac and an agnus dei, enlivened with blind arcading above.

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