Worst là gì

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worst /wə:st/ tính từ (cung cấp cao nhất của bad) xấu duy nhất, tồi nhất, tệ nhất gian ác nhất nghiêm trọng nhấtthe worst fault: sai lạc rất lớn nhất (y học) tí hon yếu nhất phó trường đoản cú (cung cấp tối đa của badly) xấu duy nhất, tồi độc nhất, tệ nhất danh từ loại xấu nhất, mẫu tồi tốt nhất, loại tệ nhấtif the worst comes to the worst: trong ngôi trường đúng theo xấu nhấtlớn be prepared for the worst: chuẩn bị chờ dòng xấu nhất thời kỳ xấu độc nhất vô nhị, thời kỳ kinh hoàng tốt nhất, thời kỳ bao tay nhấtwhen the plague was at its worst: Khi bệnh dịch hạch làm việc vào thời kỳ kịch liệt nhấtthe worst of the storm is over: thời điểm kinh hoàng độc nhất vô nhị của cơn bão vẫn qua sự thua thảm kémkhổng lồ get the worst of it: đại bại kém nhẹm, thất bạito put sometoàn thân lớn the worst: vượt mặt aiat worst vào thực trạng xấu nhấtvì your worst thì mày cứ đọng test có tác dụng đi (ý thách thức) ngoại đụng từ vượt qua, hơnlớn worst an adversary: vượt qua đối phương




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Từ điển Collocation

worst noun the worst

VERB + WORST expect It doesn"t matter what I say. My mother always expects the worst. | fear, suspect | be prepared for, prepare for Although all the votes have not yet been counted, the Democrats are preparing for the worst. | confirm I had not expected khổng lồ bởi well in my exams, và the letter confirmed the worst. | be spared, escape Scotlvà seemed lớn have escaped the worst of the recession. | vì your Let them bởi vì their worst (= be as difficult as they can)?we"ll fight them every inch of the way.

WORST + VERB be over He was still very ill, but the worst seemed to be over.

PREP. at (sb/sth"s) ~ At worst, the drug can be fatal. At its worst, bullying is a kind of torture. | through the ~ Her sister helped her through the worst of her illness.

VERB + WORST bring out the worst in sb Pressure can bring out the worst in people. | get the worst of it He"d been in a fight và had obviously got the worst of it. | the worst that can happen Don"t worry?the worst that can happen is that you"ll get a fine.

Từ điển WordNet


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the least favorable outcome

the worst that could happen

the greachạy thử damage or wickedness of which one is capable

the invaders did their worst

so pure of heart that his worst is another man"s best

the weakest effort or poorest achievement one is capable of

it was the worst he had ever done on a test



(superlative of `bad") most wanting in quality or value or condition

the worst player on the team

the worst weather of the year


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to the highest degree of inferiority or badness

She suffered worst of all

schools were the worst hit by government spending cuts

the worst dressed person present



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having undesirable or negative sầu qualities

a bad report card

his sloppy appearance made a bad impression

a bad little boy

clothes in bad shape

a bad cut

bad luck

the web4_news was very bad

the Review were bad

the pay is bad

it was a bad light for reading

the movie was a bad choice

below average in unique or performance

a bad chess player

a bad recital


so-called bad grammar

capable of harming

bad habits

bad air

smoking is bad for you


English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

worstsant.: bestworse|worstsyn.: evil unfavorable wrongant.: good

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