Nghĩa của từ without prejudice là gì, Định nghĩa, without prejudice là gì


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Giới từ

Giới từ + (the/a) law1. Above2. Against3. By4. Under the law5. Under a/these6. Within

1. Above sầu the law: Đứng trên luật

Ví dụNo one is above the law.Don’t think you are above the law.She acts as if she’s above sầu the law.The judgement underlines the point that notoàn thân, not even the executive sầu, is above the law.

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2. Against the law: Trái hình thức, phạm luật

Ví dụStealing is against the law.That’s against the law.In Sweden, it is against the law to hit a child.Child recruitment is against the law in Nepal.It is against the law khổng lồ discriminate against someone because of their race or sex.It is against the law for children to lớn work before they are fifteen.What you did was clearly against the law.

3. By law: Theo luật

Ví dụChilren not admitted – by law.British schools are now required by law to lớn publish their exam results.Employers are required by law khổng lồ provide a safe working environment.The wearing of seatbelt in cars is required by law.By law, a company lượt thích British Gas has khổng lồ hold a meeting of its shareholders once a year.

4. Under the law: Dưới pháp luật

Ví dụThe Constitution specifies that all people are equal under the law.

5. Under a law/these laws: Theo một điều luật/theo hầu hết điều hình thức này

Ví dụPersons convicted under these laws can receive sầu up to lớn two years’imprisonment.

6. Within the law: Đúng luật

Ví dụThe company is operating entirely within the law.Defence attorneys can use any means within the law khổng lồ get their client off.Transparency International gives the highest rating khổng lồ regimes that always act within the law.

Law + giới từ

1. Law on: Điều công cụ về

Ví dụThe law on compulsory seat belts has been a success.The government has introduced some tough new law on food hygien.A law on hunting will cause a lot of disagreement.

2. Law against: Điều dụng cụ phản/chống đối

Ví dụA local law against keeping horsesLaws against sex discrimination & increased tư vấn for child care helped open up the workplace lớn women.

Cụm giới từ

1. According to2. In accordance with3. Pursuant to4. Subject to5. Without prejudice to6. With prejudice7. Without prejudice8. In the event that/in the event of9. In case/in case of10. As of:11. Due to12. Owing to

1. According to: Theo (mối cung cấp tin)

Ví dụAccording to the bylaws, the board of directors has five sầu members.

2. In accordance with: Tuân thủ, theo đúng, theo đúng (quy định, điều luật)Ví dụThe decision lớn declare a dividkết thúc was adopted by the board of directors in accordance with bylaws.

3. Pursuant to: Chiếu theo, căn cứ theo

Ví dụThis bid is submitted pursuant to the laws of Thành Phố New York State.A complaint was made pursuant to lớn section 13 of the Act of 1987.

4. Subject to: Tuân theo, dựa trên, bên dưới quyền của ai

Ví dụIn all jurisdictions, financial agreements are subject to the law of contract.We are subject lớn the law of the l&.Subject khổng lồ the terms khổng lồ this Agreement, the Producer agrees lớn be bound by the terms lớn the following marketing agreement.

5. Without prejudice to: Không xâm sợ, không gây thương thơm tổn định mang đến ai

Ví dụThe code is lớn be applied without prejudice khổng lồ the rights of refugees.The offer was accepted without prejudice to lớn the current pay negotiations.The firm agreed to lớn pay compensation without prejudice (không xẩy ra tróc nã cứu).

6. With prejudice: Không mang đến quyền kiệnDismiss(al) with prejudice: Bác quăng quật nhưng không cho quyền khiếu nại trở lại

Ví dụAll pending lawsuits between the two companies will be dismissed with prejudice.

7. Without prejudice: Cho quyền khiếu nại trở lạiDismiss(al) without prejudice: Bác bỏ nhưng lại mang lại quyền khiếu nại trsinh sống lạiVí dụThe findings were accepted without prejudice.

8. In the event that/in the sự kiện of: Nếu điều nào đó xảy ra

Ví dụIn the event that deficiencies in the Equipment become evident, such deficiencies shall be corrected by ABC during the two days per week during which the Purchaser will not be testing.In the event of an accident, điện thoại tư vấn this number.

9. In case/in case of

Ví dụIn case no settlement can be reached through negotiation, the case shall then be submitted to the Arbitration Tribunal of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in accordance with the Arbitration Rules and Procedure of the said Tribunal.In case of fire, ring the alarm bell.In case of any divergence of interpretation, the English text shall prevail.

10. As from/of: Từ, tính trường đoản cú + thời điểm/ngày tháng

Ví dụThe new lvà on employment is in force as from/of midnight tonight.We shall have a new address as from/of 12 May.

11. Due to: Do ai, loại gì/do ai, chiếc gì

Ví dụThe office is closed tomorrow due to a public holiday.

12. Owing to: Do ai, chiếc gì/bởi ai, cái gì

Ví dụThe advice given khổng lồ the client was amended owing to a recent decision of the Court of Appeal.

Động từ bỏ + giới từ

1. Abide by: Làm theo/tuân theo chiếc gì

Ví dụYou’ll have sầu khổng lồ abide by the rules of the club.We will abide by their decision.

2. Accuse sb of sth: Buộc tội ai* Be accused of sth: Bị buộc tội

Ví dụThe police accused hyên ổn of cheating/theft.* He was accused of cheating/theft.

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3. Acquit sb of sth: Tha bổng mang lại ai* Be acquitted of sth: Được tha bổng, được white án

Ví dụThe jury acquitted hyên of murder.To her relief, she was acquitted of all the charges laid against her.

4. Appeal to lớn sth against sth: Chống án

Ví dụShe appealed khổng lồ the high court against her sentence.

5. Arrest sb for (doing) sth: Bắt ai bởi (đã) làm cho gì* Be arrested for (doing sth): Bị bắt bởi vì (đã) có tác dụng gì

Ví dụPolice arrested them for their dangerous driving.* They were arrested for their dangerous driving.

6. Behead sb with: Chặt đầu ai đó bằng

Ví dụThe executioner beheaded him with an axe.

7. Bequeath sth to sb: Để đồ vật gi lại mang đến ai

Ví dụShe bequeathed everything to hyên ổn.

8. Blackmail sb (inkhổng lồ doing sth): Hăm dọa ai

Ví dụDon’t you think you can blackmail me (into lớn doing what you want). I’ll report you to the police.

9. Book sb for sth: Ghi tên pphân tử ai bởi vì tội gì* Be booked for sth: Bị ghi tên phạt do tội gì

Ví dụThe police booked me for speeding.I was booked for speeding.

10. Charge sb with sth: Buộc ai tội gì* Be charged of: Bị buộc tội

Ví dụThe police charged him with theft.He was charged with theft.

11. Cheat sb out of sth: Lừa gạt ai để đưa loại gì

Ví dụHe accused of his employer of deliberately trying to lớn cheat hyên ổn out of his redundancy money.

12. Clear sb of sth: Chứng minh ai vô tội* Be cleared of sth: Được minh chứng là vô tôi

Ví dụThe lawyer cleared him of the charge.She was cleared of all charges against her.13. Convict sb of sth: Kết tội ai, phán quyết ai* Be convicted of: Bị kết tội

Ví dụThe jury convicted hyên ổn of money laundering.The jury convicted the defendant of murder.The defendant was convicted of murder.

14. Detain sb for sth: Giam duy trì ai

Ví dụThe police detained two men for questioning.

15. Deter sb from (doing) sth: Ngăn đề phòng ai có tác dụng gì

Ví dụWe may deter other from doing the same thing.

16. Defraud sb of sth: Lừa gạt ai dòng gì

Ví dụShe defrauded her brother of his tóm tắt of the lvà.She defrauded her employers of thousands of pounds.

17. Extort sth (money) from sb: Tống tiền ai

Ví dụHe extorted the money from her by threats và blackmailSmith was arrested on suspicion of having extorted property & money from at least 18 clients.

18. Legislate for/against/on sth: Xây dựng biện pháp để phòng lại

Ví dụThe government will legislate against discrimination in the workplace.

19. Fine sb for sth: Phạt tiền ai* Be fined for sth: Bị phạt tiền

Ví dụThey fined hyên ổn heavily for the offence.He was fined for speeding.

20. Piông xã sb up for sth: Bắt ai để triển khai gì

Ví dụThe police picked him up last night for questioning.

21. Punish sb for sth: Phạt ai về điều gì* Be punished for sth: Bị pphân tử về điều gì

Ví dụHis father punished hlặng for stealing.* He was punished for stealing.

22. Rob sb of sth: Cướp ai cái gì* Be robbed of sth: Bị chiếm dòng gì

Ví dụThe bandits robbed us of all our money.We were robbed of all our money.

23. Sentence sb to: Tuyên án ai, kết án ai* Be sentenced to: Bị kết án

Ví dụThey sentenced hlặng khổng lồ three years’imprisonment.He was sentenced to lớn three years’imprisonment.

24. Suspect sb of sth: Nghi ngờ ai làm điều gì

Ví dụWhat made you suspect her of having taken the money?Who do the police suspect (of the crime)?

25. Swindle sb out of sth/sth out of sb: Lừa ai cái gì

Ví dụThey swindled hyên out of hundreds of dollars/hundreds of dollars out of him.