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True self is the basis of informed, "wholehearted" behavior, và is associated with a sense of initiative sầu & vitality.
Their recommendations deserve sầu wholehearted support in that context, particularly their recommendation 1 calling for a comparison of gains & losses from regulatory actions.
Nor was he alone in his wholehearted espousal of the organic theory of the state, which is present in all of his works.
Some of these interventions, however, were characterised by initial conceptual confusion và a less than wholehearted implementation by government departments and other public bodies.
There is a forward thinking mindset to service delivery with wholehearted adoption of the vision and objectives of the primary health care strategy.
When at last the demons reveal themselves as demons, they are transformed into figures of wholehearted evil: they sing a fanfare that is simply a build-up of a diminished-seventh chord.
Wholehearted acceptance of one or the other vision of the nation"s past reinforced most politicians" commitment khổng lồ the political principles that interpretation was engineered khổng lồ uphold.
When a person acts autonomously they feel "wholehearted," "together," và "ownership of actions," all comtháng expressions that convey the characteristic sense of integrity and volition essential to autonomy.
Any move to reduce the scale of the grief và suffering caused by such tragedies deserves wholehearted tư vấn.
I am always being submitted khổng lồ tremendous attacks in the university world for not coming out as a wholehearted destroyer of the binary system.
We must get their wholehearted co-operation, otherwise we shall never get from these various estimable projects the results we wish to lớn obtain.
When we giảm giá with issues relating to lớn the health of young children, the commitment is often strong, wholehearted & sincere.

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I hope that tonight there will be wholehearted agreement and sup- port for the motion concerning what is, after all, a most innocuous rekhung.
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