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If you’re always looking for what’s next, you’ll love LaunchPad. The program allows our hàng hóa designers khổng lồ rapidly innovate through kiến thiết và construction. The result? You get access khổng lồ a constantly changing suite of carpet products with a distinctive sầu kiến thiết point-of-view.

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With a rotating set of design-forward patterns and colors, LaunchPad’s offerings are on the precipice of emerging trends. While we plan lớn roll out new LaunchPad products several times a year, watch the videos below lớn get a look at the first wave.


Collection LaunchPad Product Deeply Rooted Color 106144 Maple/Sage Product Uprooted Color 106136 Maple/Sage Installed Ashlar

Collection LaunchPad Product Deeply Rooted Color 106144 Maple/Sage Product Uprooted Color 106136 Maple/Sage Product Velvet Bark Color 106128 Maple Installed Ashlar

Collection LaunchPad Product Uprooted Color 106138 Walnut/Winter Product Velvet Bark Color 106130 Walnut Installed Ashlar

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Collection LaunchPad Product DL902 Color 106530 Mica Product DL903 Color 106534 Mica Installed Monolithic
Collection LaunchPad Product DL905 Color 106716 Graphite Product DL906 Color 106720 Graphite/Basalternative text Product DL907 Color 106724 basalt Installed Monolithic
Collection LaunchPad Product DL924 Color 106879 Alabaster Product DL924N Color 106880 Onyx Installed Monolithic
The styles featured in the LaunchPad colorline can set & match with other gocnhintangphat.com carpet tile or LVT for endless kiến thiết possibilities.
Your gocnhintangphat.com rep will be your go-lớn for program information và product samples. Don’t know your rep? Fill out the form below.
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Our mission, Climate Take Back™, invites other companies khổng lồ join us as we commit khổng lồ running our business in a way that is restorative khổng lồ the planet và creates a climate fit for life.

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