Undercover là gì, get undercover có nghĩa là gì


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Of particular interest for its aspects of " sleuthing " is the story of the undercover agent, recruited lớn collect evidence while acting as a nurse"s aide.
A gang of badger baiters was trapped by an anti-blood sports undercover agent, who made a đoạn Clip film of the cruelty.
As lớn the new building"s function, the long, ramped, undercover lead-in will considerably improve sầu the manner in which queuing takes place.
There has been a series of long-term operations, using undercover police & new technology, to lớn ensure the integrity of evidence presented to the courts.
The police have a multitude of different sources from which they can draw; they have informers, undercover agents, & so on.
The allegations were based on the evidence of a sympathiser working undercover at the establishment.
The other was failure khổng lồ appreciate that the evidence of the undercover officer would almost inevitably be ruled inadmissible because of the inducement offered.
Secondly, under the current arrangements it is difficult to lớn protect from disclosure sensitive sầu material such as the identity of an informant or undercover police officer.
The police who are involved in the dangerous undercover work that leads lớn such convictions know full well that identity cards are irrelevant.
He should get rid of the commitment to lớn dismantle or run down the special branch whose undercover work is indispensable, as he must know.
Active sầu service is active service, whether it is spent in a regular chiến dịch between opposing forces or in combating undercover & sporadic guerrilla activity.
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a person who is extremely skilled at something, especially at playing an instrument or performing

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