Typhoon là gì, phân biệt typhoon, hurricane và


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Other applications of this method may include the detection of patterns in genomic data or lớn the identification of potential typhoons from satellite-image data.
The likelihood of high temperatures, tropical storms and typhoons will in-uence economic returns khổng lồ summer tomato lớn production.
Tropical cyclonic storms with sustained winds above sầu 1trăng tròn km h-1 are called hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones depending on their geographic location.
The mean annual rainfall of the province is more than 2060 mm, with most of the rains received during typhoons, which pass through the province several times a year.
This occurred despite the islands" cthua thảm proximity (35 km) & their small size relative sầu to lớn the diameter of a typical typhoon"s inner wind field (>150 km).
Finally, the constant threat of natural disaster, in the forms of earthquakes, tsunamis và typhoons, has led to a traditional acceptance of buildings as merely temporar y structures.
Run lớn the sails, hurry up, as the wind is changing; turn to lớn the north; see on the horizon the omens of the terrible typhoon!
Economic returns khổng lồ applications of fruit-mix hormone will accrue if plants survive tropical storms, and if no tropical storms occur, but not after complete crop loss associated with typhoons.
Surely the paragraph cannot mean a storm or a hurricane or a typhoon, because they are not "exceptional".
In the course of this morning, in the middle of the typhoon of rage against these methods, their questioners conducted 80 interviews.
Typhoon aircraft are planned progressively to lớn incorporate ground attachồng capabilities and early aircraft are planned khổng lồ be upgraded through a retro-fit programme.

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So we have lớn face the fact, as a fact of expediency if not of principle, that we cannot reverse the typhoon.
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