Toaster là gì, nghĩa của từ toaster


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Over the years it has acquired an amazing collection of twentieth-century domestic appliances, radios, toasters & the like, which are piled in dusty arrays through the rooms.
Another example is to lớn be found in household White goods such as washing machines và smaller items such as irons, toasters and other kitchen equipment.
Nurses" toasters were confiscated during the fire dispute because they caused so many alarms to go off.
Labelling would be of little use on those appliances that have sầu small electricity consumption—for example, toasters và blenders.
Another case was brought against an official who had accepted a couple of electric kettles and a toaster.
I would point out that although import penetration has increased with hair driers it has fallen in the other two categories, namely toasters and irons.
Prestige, the cooking utensils firm, produced a range of well-manufactured kettles, electric toasters and so on.
I am assuming that electric toasters are included in this list—cooking apparatus with heating elements —but if they are not, they are allied & the argument is similar.
The rate of reward was a miễn phí kettle for one operator recruited, a toaster for the second new employee, and a dishwasher when six operators were recruited.
It is licensed to produce up khổng lồ one kilowatt of thermal power, comparable lớn the energy demvà of a hair dryer or a toaster.
Old motorcycles, tires, sand-filled rubber gloves, a camera, a golf club và a toaster are some of the items that protrude from the castle.
With permanent modifications a toaster oven can be used as a reflow oven for the purpose of soldering electronic components lớn circuit boards.

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