ticket ticket (tĭkʹĭt) noun1. Abbr. tkt. A paper slip or card indicating that its holder has paid for or is entitled to a specified service, right, or consideration: a theater ticket; an airline ticket. 2. A certifying document, especially a captain”s or pilot”s license. 3. An identifying or descriptive tag attached to merchandise; a label. 4. A list of candidates proposed or endorsed by a political party; a slate. 5. A legal summons, especially for a traffic violation. 6. The proper or desirable thing: A change of scene would be just the ticket for us. 7. Informal. A means to an end: “He went to Washington . . . to become press secretary . . . it was his ticket out of the Delta” (Nicholas Lamann). verb, transitiveticketed, ticketing, tickets1. To provide with a ticket for passage or admission: ticket all passengers through to Amsterdam. 2. To attach a ticket to; tag. See synonyms at mark1. 3. To designate for a specified use or end; destine: funds that have been ticketed for research. 4. To serve (an offender) with a legal summons: ticket a speeding motorist. Word History: The resemblance in form between the words ticket and etiquette is not accidental. Both words have the same ultimate source, Old French estiquet, but each was borrowed into English at a different time and with a different meaning. Old French estiquet meant “a note, label.” Having been changed in form to etiquet in French, the word was adopted into English in the 16th century (first recorded in 1528) in a form, tiket, without the initial e. The earliest uses of the word in English were in the senses “a short written notice,””a notice posted in a public place,” and “a written certification.” The word is first recorded with reference to something like a ticket of admission in 1673. In French, meanwhile, the word (in the form etiquette in the 18th century) came to mean “ceremonial”; court ceremonies were noted down or labeled in a book known as l”étiquette. The French word was borrowed again into English, this time in its French form, which is first recorded in 1750.

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ticketticket(n) permit, travel document, voucher, receipt, coupon label, tag, tab, marker, sticker, docket

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