A:Thereby is more of a written English, you”d see it a lot in the analytic articles, Americans prefer to use “so” in everyday life. Thereby = as a result, which means.Examples of use:It sounds like someone very, very close to them, someone they trusted, leaked the photos thereby betraying them.Mr Piketty pioneered the use of tax data over survey data, thereby doing a better job of capturing the incomes of the richest.Italy and others should be made to abandon the euro, thereby saving the EU.He signed the contract, thereby forfeiting his right to the property.

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A:The engineer spotted a fault with the race car”s brakes and fixed it, thereby avoiding a potentially serious failure.
A:Who are Rita and Tamara?” he asked, thereby identifying his mystery amour.As archbishop of Toledo he exerted himself to protect the clergy from the obligation to pay the excises or octroi duties known as “the millions” and thereby helped to perpetuate the financial embarrassments of the government. The Arab astronomers measured a degree on the plains of Mesopotamia, thereby deducing a fair approximation to the size of the earth.

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A:“Students can”t get hands on experience in the classroom, therefore, they should do field work.””Students can”t get hands on experience in the classroom. Therein lies the problem.””Students should do field work, thereby gaining experience they can”t get in the classroom.”
A:In sillybeerbib”s sentence,I crossed the street, thereby successfully avoiding the tattooed manthereby can be understood as “by doing that” or “because I did that”I crossed the street, and, by doing that, successfully avoided the tattooed man.The catch is that if you use thereby, avoid has to be in the progressive tense for some reason.These are more natural in my opinion:By crossing the street I successfully avoided the tattooed man.I successfully avoided the tattooed man by crossing the street.

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