Success là gì

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success /sək"ses/ danh từ sự thành công xuất sắc, sự chiến hạ lợimilitary success: chiến thắng quân sựnothing succeeds lượt thích success: thắng lợi này dẫn mang lại thành công khác tín đồ thành công xuất sắc, fan thành đạt (trong một câu hỏi gì); thí sinch trúng tuyểnto be a success in art: là 1 trong tín đồ thành công xuất sắc trong vàng thuật (tự hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) kết quả

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): success, succeed, successful, unsuccessful, successfully, unsuccessfully

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Từ điển Collocation

success noun

1 good results

ADJ. considerable, conspicuous, enormous, great, notable, overwhelming, phenomenal, remarkable, spectacular, tremendous, unprecedented | limited, moderate, modest The campaign lớn stop drink-driving had only limited success. | popular, public | early, initial | immediate | long-term, short-term | business, commercial, economic, financial | academic, educational, electoral, literary, military, etc. | international The company"s excellent marketing has resulted in enormous international success.

QUANT. amount, degree Initially, the venture enjoyed a fair amount of success.

VERB + SUCCESS achieve sầu, enjoy, have, notch up She had little success in getting new customers. He is keen khổng lồ notch up yet another success. | bring A change of management failed to bring success. | kết thúc in, lead lớn, result in The year-long fight for a pay rise ended in success. | ensure, guarantee We can"t guarantee immediate success. | be vital to lớn Your contribution was vital lớn the success of the concert.

SUCCESS + VERB come Success didn"t come overnight?she struggled for years before making any money. | lie (in sth) Much of his success lies in his skill in handling staff. | depkết thúc on sth The success or failure of the project depends on how committed the managers are.

SUCCESS + NOUN rate The operation has a success rate of over 80%. | story The company has been one of the success stories of the past decade.

PREP.. without ~ She tried to persuade them without success. | ~ in I"ve had some success in getting rid of the weeds. | ~ with the secret of his success with women

PHRASES a chance/hope of success What are our chances of success? We"re trying khổng lồ get hlặng lớn sponsor us, but there"s not much hope of success. | confident of success She had worked hard & was confident of success. | the key to lớn success, a lachồng of success, the secret of (sb"s) success, a symbol of (sb"s) success

2 sth that achieves its ayên ổn

ADJ. big, complete, considerable, conspicuous, enormous, great, huge, major, notable, outstanding, phenomenal, popular, real, remarkable, resounding, roaring, runaway, spectacular, total, tremendous, unprecedented, unqualified The band"s new album has been a runaway success. | modest, qualified | business, commercial, economic, popular The book proved a major commercial success. | international | immediate

VERB + SUCCESS be, prove sầu | have We had one or two outstanding successes. | judge sth The event was judged a success by its organizers. | make She"s made a real success of that job.

PHRASES wish sb (every) success We are sad lớn see Hiroko go, & wish her every success in the future.

Từ điển WordNet


an event that accomplishes its intended purpose

let"s Gọi heads a success and tails a failure

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