a long, narrow strip of brightly coloured paper that is used as a decoration for special occasions such as parties:

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It is hard to suppose that streamers occur synchronously with e-beam maximum in the end of voltage pulse rise time.
The criterion for an electron avalanche to transit to streamer was considered as the criterion of gas breakdown.
Finally, our fluid simulations give an electron turbulent transport much lower when compared with gyrokinetic simulations, the presence of streamers notwithstanding.
Estimates of the parameters and wave transformation time scales in the shear between fast, coronal-hole solar wind and slower, streamer belt solar wind are discussed.
Implications for the interaction of magnetohydrodynamic waves in the shear flow between fast, polar coronal-hole solar wind and slow, streamer belt solar wind are discussed.
In the nonlinear regime, magnetic shearing decorrelates vortices and limits the growth of radial streamer structures.
The scalar gas-pressure approximation is not appropriate in dilute plasmas such as coronal streamers and the solar wind.
The advent of streamer serves to greatly enhance the propagation speed of the discharge in gas breakdown phase.
The team also used long streamers to display the trajectories of selected air particles inside the storm.
After a long time interval, streamers are slowly developed from a tiny ionization spot that is initially set.
This, together with quadrature, leads to an explicit formula for the calculation of the streamer that does not require any truncation of the series.
The saturation amplitude decreases as increasing the streamer intensity or/and decreasing the real frequency.

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a person who is extremely skilled at something, especially at playing an instrument or performing

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