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In their study, participants were required lớn make fast movements to lớn targets that either remained stationary or jumped to lớn a new location.
It has been shown that the presence of a poloidal flow leads khổng lồ two different stationary confinement regimes.
However, we find that rat ganglion cell spike trains are reasonably stationary for certain anesthetics but not for others commonly used in vision experiments.
The capital stochồng rises 66% across the stationary equilibria, with three-quarters of this rise taking place in only 46 years.
Theorem 4 does not come cchiến bại to being a complete characterization of the phối of stationary rational-expectations equilibria.
The first dynamic implication concerns stationary-state equilibria, equilibria in which public commitments, their shadow price, và inflation all remain constant over time.
His suggestion that we attempt lớn generate stationary equilibria of this kind provided the initial stimulus for the work reported here. 10.
However, we show below that even when we restrict our attention khổng lồ this class of functions, an extremely large number of stationary rational-expectations equilibria exist.
Depending on the parameter values, this mã sản phẩm can have sầu different quality stationary equilibria, as well as multiple stationary equilibria.
The results show that stationary rational expectations equilibria of this mã sản phẩm are unstable under this type of evolutionary adaptation.
The stationary sunspot equilibria of a simple overlapping generations economy with heterogeneous agents are considered.

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These two economies were not subject khổng lồ any real shocks, và there were no stationary periodic equilibria in the neighborhood of the steady state.
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