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1001 Past TalesDebunking some myths, và figuring out how they came to be in the first place. Not everything is as it seems to lớn be.

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New FragrancesThe new Alien comes out in July 2021, with Willow Smith as the face for the advertising chiến dịch.

Fragrance ReviewsA new lux-niche fragrance house from Singapore blends delicate but resonant perfume stories with a sense of mystery.

New FragrancesKilian is expanding The Liquors perfume line inspired by the rich and full aromas of alcoholic beverages for two new releases: L"Heure Verte và Apple Brandy on the Rocks.

Art Books EventsThe 25th edition of Beautyworld Middle East will take place from 5 - 7 October 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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Art Books EventsAfter a pandemic-enforced break in 20đôi mươi, the industry’s flagship gathering in Cannes is set to lớn return this year from 24th to lớn 28th October in a move widely welcomed by DF&TR professionals.

Fragrance NewsThe founders of Masque Milano launched eight new fragrances inspired by their favorite historical places in Milan.

Fragrant HoroscopeThere are weeks when astrological advice is needed more, và this is one of those weeks. Consider for example that misunderstandings could lead khổng lồ inadequate decisions this week.

Fragrance ReviewsThe color Red is a weapon và an affirmation of power. Elizabeth Arden"s Red Door is no different.